Oh that freelance life.

March 6, 2016 | 5:26 pm | Posted in: Photography

Earlier this week I packed together all my machinery and headed to shoe brand RESCHIA’s studio at St. Eriksplan for a full day casually arranged photoshoot for portfolio purposes and to get a taste of what freelancing is like. Man, was it a nice day! So glad I decided to register as a freelancer here in Sweden because this type of work feels like the absolute right thing to do. On the other hand I am applying to contract-based work as well which would be great in case it turns out that way, but it feels like a plus to be able to offer yourself as a freelancer when it comes to the type of work and industry I’m aiming to be in. All opportunities open, liksom! This shoot felt like a bit of a skill test for the real deal since I had to prepare the entire set-up and concept, but the freelance fire started to burn and it didn’t take long for me to realize this is exactly what I should be doing; being creative, putting ideas out there and hopefully by doing so the work will soon come flowing in in a regular pace. Gotta love those moments when you feel like you can tick off the box for ‘on the right path’ and ‘doing what you’re supposed to do’!


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