Norrsken i mina ögon!

March 18, 2015 | 10:24 am | Posted in: Travel

Not a single clue I had that I would be writing a blogpost about seeing the friggin’ northern lights straight from home in Stockholm, right in front of my face, shining brightly in my eyes! It however happened last night and it was way way WAY cooler than I imagined it to be. First me and my boyfriend rode our bikes to the Skogskyrkogården cemetary earlier in the night, where we could see very bright white light streaks, which already was immensely awesome. Then when we got home and went to the balcony, nature gave us a serious show! It felt like landing in some science fiction movie somewhere between E.T. and Star Trek, but then even cooler. The streaks went super quick and it almost felt like you could grab them from the sky, perfectly lined out in the sky in front of our apartment. Insaaaaane! Anyway, as you can read I was so excited that I couldn’t even get my camera in the right settings, plus the un-zoomable and only lens I have didn’t really help either, but still I felt it was worth it to post the underneath photo’s here because of the impression it left and since it’s the first time I ever saw them, as well as it being one of the reasons I wanted to move to Sweden in the first place. Also; no single photo of the northern lights shows what it’s like – in my opinion. Go see it in real life for yourself if you ever get the chance!