Marlies Dekkers Press Day

May 3, 2012 | 6:20 pm | Posted in: Events

A while ago I found an invitation in my mailbox to come to the Marlies Dekkers Press Day at Maison Rika in Amsterdam. Not knowing what to expect, as these invitations always seem to be very mysterious, I headed out to the 9 Straatjes with one of my friends. Marlies Dekkers ánd the Swedish brand L’Ecole National held their press viewings there yesterday. By the way, the 9 Straatjes are one of the most amazing shopping places in Amsterdam, and consist of a lot of worth-seeing spots. Maison Rika is a Swedish hotel out there where they hold a lot of events for the fashion industry.



At the entrance we were handed some fancy drinks and then walked up the terrifying typical Dutch upright stairs to enter a bedroom where their collections were on display. Marlies Dekkers’ collection was based on the ‘dazzling beauty of white winters and blissfull floral summers of Scandinavia’. There were some amazing lingerie sets, and I fell in love with a black set that had these amazing fringes on the edges.



Lingerie isn’t the most easy thing to buy when it comes to clothing, ’cause it’s so important to have a good set that actually fits you the way it should be and still make your figure look good. I think these sets by Marlies Dekkers all feel very high-quality. Once this black fringe one will come out in stores I’ll definitely go buy it! Sometimes we focus too much on what we’re wearing above our skin, but this first part of dressing up is just as important to make you feel good in your skin.



After a bit of talk with the PR ladies of both brands, we headed out again and got handed some lovely heavy goodiebags. In between all the goodies there were these two books of the collections by Marlies Dekkers and a fancy naipolish.

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