I’m a master!

June 24, 2015 | 8:50 pm | Posted in: Academic, Diary

A master in Fashion Studies, that is! The past two years have literally flown by and I can’t believe I now have another diploma in the pocket summing it up to over 6 years of higher level education. Even more surreal is that this time I receive it in Sweden. My thesis was a hassle to write but most of all extremely fun and I’m very glad about the result. The idea is to convert it into a book form at some point, and to publish my research in a proper way. But more about that later and first things first; the past few weeks have been quite a range of celebrations even lining up triple bubbly moments! Shoutout to my dear classmates who have helped made these two years one of the best times in my life and for sticking together through all the stress and frustrations of the past months. Ofcourse having one door closed I now have to figure out how to open the next, the one to working in the fashion industry and a job to pay them bills! Stockholm is a perfect place to be, but I definitely could use some tips and contacts to get my way around outside the academia here. I’m looking for anything from photography to writing, editing, design, consulting or even social media. Some projects and ideas I’ve been working on are evolving on the sideline, so any other type of job someone has on offer that might fit I’d love to hear about. The summer will be spent with a month-long trip to The Netherlands, but after that the next batch of glitter is highly due.