En semla, två semlor.

February 9, 2016 | 8:00 pm | Posted in: Diary, Photography

Today marks ‘Fettisdagen’ – which means ‘Fat Tuesday’ – which means everyone bakes, buys, eats, Facebooks and Instagrams semlor all over in Sweden. A semla is built up by a cut-open cardamom dough bun stuffed with an almond filling and a layer of whipped cream topped by it’s lid – definitely heavy stuff so no wonder it’s also called a ‘fat bun’! Since I don’t have work at the moment the day called for some in-between-jobhunting baking and a bit of in house still-life photography testing. Just gonna drop here that if anyone in Stockholm knows of any kind of company that might need a photographer/copywriter/digital designer or something that might fit me I’m very available for freelance as well as work on contract basis! It’s getting pretty boring not being as busy as I’d like to, even though it feels safe to say I’m doing all that I can to get out there with job applications and to try and score projects. The past few weeks I’ve been starting a Swedish language course mostly focused on grammar which will hopefully give me a bit of fast-forward with it all. The semlor didn’t really turn out the way they’re supposed to look, but let’s just say it’s all a process! Side note; I actually added sugar to the whipped cream because I really do not feel this tasteless fluff they serve you here. Yuck. Other than that I went with the semlor recipe from the book ‘Fika’ by Anna Brones & Johanna Kindvall which is full of recipes for pastries and breads that fit with the fika concept (= coffee and a sweet treat). Hope your Fat Tuesday was as good and tasty as mine!