7 Things I Love This Spring

March 22, 2012 | 12:52 am | Posted in: Other

Yesterday was the first official day of spring and judging by the weather and lovely flowers popping out of the ground, I surely feel like it’s full on spring! The temperatures are rising, which means it’s time to stop hibernating and let the sunshine in. (That sounded so cheesy.) This week has been pretty hot already and I figured it would be a perfect time for a new ‘7 Things I Love’. Here are my blossomy fresh favourites for this spring.

1. Floral Prints
Actually floral prints work for every season, but ofcourse especially for spring. They make every outfit have a feminine touch and can be matched so easily with other colours. Don’t be afraid to wear oldschool floral prints as well. You know, those grandma-style bunch of flowers in colours you wouldn’t wear nowadays. Yeah. Definitely do. Flowers are just never going to be out of fashion.

2. Crop Tops
Crop tops are in this list for a simple reason – they’re comfortable, cute ánd look super hot. Just a year or two ago everyone who wore a crop top would’ve been labeled as ridiculous and ‘stuck in the 90’s’, but right now if you don’t own a crop top you’re pretty much uncool. Whatever people may think, crop tops just work really well with high wasted jeans, shorts or skirts and therefore are a must-have. Try out the bra-lets as well with a lovely oversized vest to make sure you don’t catch a cold on the treacherous cold spring nights.

3. Amsterdam
Amsterdam, my hometown. After having lived in London for a while it still can’t beat Amsterdam off my list. The city seems to wake up by the time it’s spring and then has the greatest vibe ever. I mean, we have an actual ‘Skirts Day’ to introduce the start of spring! People are happily riding their bikes, have picknicks in the Vondelpark and hop on their boats to float around the canals or visit one of the many super cool festival. Plans to visit Amsterdam this spring? Don’t forget your umbrella – our clouds aren’t the most trustworthy ones but if you like to dance in the rain you should feel quite at home.

4. Alexander McQueen
After Mr. McQueen himself died in 2010 I’ve digged more into his work and became hooked ever since. I’ve got even more respect for the fashion house in the past two years because they seem to keep his vision alive very well. The collections have piece by piece blown my mind away and I would actually kill to own an original. As the fashion weeks are now behind us and McQueen has showed another great collection, I found it to be worthy on this list. Not only for the latest collection, but for the art behind it because it so effortlessly fits into my feelings of springtime.

5. Foster The People
Fosther The People’s album ‘Torches’ have been spinned quite a lot here lately. The 3-man band from Los Angeles have captured the world since their single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ and are definitely here to stay if you ask me. Their use of happy tunes and yet emotional and arty lyrics make it the perfect combination for springtime. Having moodswings and needing something to cheer you up? Foster The People will do the work. And by the way, also check out their hilarious not-making-sense-at-all videoclips. Gotta love it.

6. Pastel Accessories
Yeah, there I go again with the pastel. I tried to leave it out of this list but simply couldn’t. Even though everyone seems to have jumped on the pretty pastel bandwagon (that actually sounds like a cool bandname!) I’m still madly in love with the colours. New found love; pastel accessories. They mix and match so well with either silver or gold, but especially gold makes it look adorable. Try it out with some Ancient-Egypt designs and you’re totally unique. When you don’t mention you got it from me, that is.

7. Like Crazy
Like Crazy is that type of movie you don’t want to watch with anyone else, because the tears will come flooding. A perfect love story of  boy meets girl and finding they are the one, but can’t be with each other. As old as Romeo & Julia but still so romantic and touching as love seems to miss nowadays. Maybe this movie feels familiar for you, it did for me, and then expect to even feel shittier about love than before you started watching it. Apart from that it’s a great movie that is filmed without spending too much words, gorgeous shots of the cities and an even more beautiful end.  

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